Valuable service with our cutting lines

In this article, we will explain what we have to offer in terms of cutting fish. We will tell you more about our position and role within the fish-processing industry on Urk, while we will also explain the opportunities that we see in connection with the production of fish rolls.

What can we cut?

One of our major activities is cutting chunks of fish for frying in the Dutch style known as ‘kibbeling’.

We are also specialised in cutting straight-edged blocks. The size of the block does not matter in principle. We also offer the option of cutting in a trapezoid shape, which involves cutting blocks in half diagonally to create the desired look. In addition, we offer a ‘diamond cut’ option, i.e. elongated cubes that are cut diagonally on the ends.

Thanks to our versatile flow packer, we can work with any kind of consumer packaging desired and ensure that the fish product is securely packaged.

Cutting lines

We have two automated cutting lines that can process the fish fillet blocks into any desired straight-edged format.

Ook hebben we zes handlijnzagen. Daarmee zagen we filets, hele vissen of andere onderdelen die we niet op de automatische zaaglijnen kunnen verwerken.

Moreover, we have six manual cutting lines. In these lines, we cut fillets, whole fish or other parts that cannot be processed by the automatic cutting lines. Maintaining constant communication with our clients, we are able to demonstrate flexibility by deploying these manual saw lines, which enable us to process your product successfully.

We also have a goujon cutter that processes fillets into 14-mm strips.


The blocks are cut in a fully automated process, which has the benefit of needing only a minimum number of people to process the product. This offers advantages in terms of both hygiene and efficiency. It also ensures a more consistent product that is bundled correctly and packaged quickly.

What sets us apart from others in the fish-processing industry?

Quick Frozen's unique value is that we provide our specialised services solely on behalf of our clients. Because our own commercial activities do not include the purchasing and selling of products, we are not in competition with our partners and our top priority is always to deliver the best possible products for our clients.

Because the wishes of our clients come first, we are always open to the information provided by our clients. This input helps us determine the best way to deliver the product in a high-quality way while achieving the highest possible yield.

One client's experience with Quick Frozen

‘We wanted Quick Frozen to separate a shipment of shatter-pack blocks for us, after which we planned to pick up the product, thaw it and repack it in the desired packaging.

However, we found ourselves at an impasse due to a shortage of production space.

At this point, Quick Frozen suggested that they take care of the thawing for us as well.

We were extremely satisfied with how Quick Frozen separated and stored the entire shipment; we were able to order the quantities required whenever we wanted, which were always ready and waiting for us in thawed condition.’

This testimonial illustrates how we are always willing to go the extra mile and provide great service. Rather than short-term profit, our vision is aimed at developing a positive, high-quality relationship over the long term.

New building

We are very much looking forward to taking our new building – located at the newly developed site at Abbert on Urk – into use. One very important characteristic of the new building is that it will allow us to achieve perfect climate control. By maintaining a constant temperature in the building, and thanks to the latest developments in connection with hygiene, we will realise the highest level of quality in the products being processed and the best working conditions for our employees.

Fish rolls

Finally, we are unique in the Netherlands when it comes to the production of fish rolls.

Each fish roll of around 160 grams is stuffed with vegetables and sauce, making it a great alternative to meat in meals.

We also offer several varieties with different fillings.

Our fish rolls allow you to prepare a savoury meal quickly.

Are you interested in this service? Go here for more information on our cutting department and/or to get in touch with us.