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Bij Quick Frozen zijn er veel opties mogelijk door ons grote aanbod van verschillende diensten. Mocht uw gewenste dienst hier niet tussen staan, dan kunt u altijd contact met ons opnemen. Wij leveren maatwerk.

Fresh freezing

Our advanced line freezers ensure that the product retains its full quality.


A layer of water is applied and frozen around the product to prevent dehydration.


A special machine is used in order to process the fish without damaging its quality.


We can offer virtually unlimited possibilities for packaging your product.


Using our injection machine, we can inject fish with approved additives.

Cutting department

Our machines can process different types of block-frozen fish.


We can deliver precisely the kinds of sorting that you need using our sorting machine.


In onze diepvries opslag is ruimte voor wel 6750 palletplekken.

Are you unable to find what you are looking for?

Is the service or packaging method that you need not listed above? In that case, please get in touch with Noah van der Reest.  Thanks to our wealth of experience in providing custom solutions, we are happy to work with you on new ideas and/or your own specific wishes. This same experience enables us to deliver a satisfactory solution, each and every time.