Customs goods

Quick Frozen BV is an AEO-certified company and holds End Use authorisation from Customs; we are also permitted to store your goods temporarily in a Customs warehouse. This service enables us to support our clients even more effectively. In this article, we will discuss goods subject to Customs inspection, End Use authorisations and the types of services that we can offer to our partners.

Customs warehousing

We can store non-EU goods here; this location has been approved by Customs,

While the products are being stored in the Customs warehouse, it is not necessary to pay import duties or other taxes on them.

End Use authorisation

This procedure means that you wish to release fish products from outside the EU into free circulation with a specific end use, without having to pay the import duties (or being charged only a portion of those duties). More information on this favourable duty scheme can be found in the Customs Handbook.

You must obtain special authorisation in order to utilise the End Use procedure. Quick Frozen BV has successfully applied to process goods under End Use authorisation and is therefore capable of offering this benefit to its clients. We frequently cooperate with our partners in this way, which yields enormous savings in both money and time.

The EU has selected certain fish products; for example cutting Alaska pollock and separating shatter-packed fish.


We are AEO-certified. In other words, we have been evaluated by Customs and found to be a reliable partner. We enjoy greater freedom because we are subject to fewer inspections. It also eliminates the need to issue a full bank guarantee.

Flevo Trade service

We maintain cooperation with Flevo Trade ServiceThey are a Customs agent and manage all Customs-related formalities. This service includes the clearance of inbound goods and handling. They arrange for transport as well. Flevo Trade also specialises in all of the formalities involved in air cargo and sea cargo shipments.


Thanks to our many years of experience, AEO certification and cooperation with Flevo Trade Service, we are the ideal partner when it comes to importing and processing fish. We can manage all administrative, legal and fiscal aspects on behalf of our clients, saving them a great deal of time, money and effort.